Gurhan have 9 bungalows which are far 50 metres. Bungalows have large balkons, air conditioners, bath, WC, Wi-Fi internet and chaise longue on the beach.

Here is an alternative place with low prices and enjoy a relax holiday. Gurhan is in a garden at Adrasan’s beach.

Lay on your hammock in a sanctuary from intense heat while a sweet breeze and songs of birds protects you from all outside nose. You can read your book and rest while having a pleasant time.

BOur bungalows are located 30mt to the market, 100mt to the greengrocer’s, 200mt to the internet cafe and 300 mt to the diving school.

Beside the bungalows, there are fireplaces present for you to cheer by the fire and a brazier for barbeque.

To have a breakfast or a full lunch you use our restaurant. While enjoying Adrasan’s unique sea view; you can sip your drink, eat our delicious meal and have pleasant conversations.

Adrasan is an area where you can feel the comfort fully, enjoy the panorama and the sea, far away from the stressful city life. You’ll have a frugal holiday having a stay in Gürhan Bungalow.

You won’t worry about how you can full fill time and enjoy your stay in Adrasan since your host Gürhan will show you all the alternatives for you to to be content at the end of your stay.

You may go fishing in Adrasan, join the boat trips and even have diving lessons and dive down to the chasm of the sea to see the glory of the underwater. If you wish so, you may have a drink or two in the restaurant by the coast, under thousands of stars- you can’t count the whole night.

If you’d like to dance the whole night long and the day after, that’s possible too. You can go to the ‘dance bars’ in 10 km of distance, in Olympos, and enjoy the music and the rhythm. Then, surely you will go back to your bungalow to get some rest on your bed covered with pure white bedcloth.